How to plan your studies

PlanningHello readers and colleagues!

I know… it’s been a while since our last conversation but I’m back with some potentially interesting thoughts for you.

How to plan your studies? How to make sure we begin the new academic year in the best possible way? It sounds like a subjective matter but there are some general considerations that apply to almost all of us.

We should take advantage of this relatively quiet period – academically speaking – to carefully devise a basic plan. In my brief experience, I learnt the earlier we start planning (i.e. structuring our studies), the better our results and the more enjoyable the journey.

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The Summer of the Study Guide

CannaThere is nothing like a bit of physical work and a DIY project to develop a sense of satisfaction. This weekend I planted three flower beds and installed outdoor furniture including a wonderful swing with a canopy.  The big, old fashioned porch swing at my grandparent’s house is my favorite summer spot.  We are substituting a flowering crab apple tree for the porch here in our seasonal, suburban idyll, but somehow the idea of a lazy afternoon swinging in the shade is incredibly appealing. Hopefully we made a lovely bower, a quiet place to enjoy the seasons. I plan to settle in to the wonderfully plush pillows with my puppy, watch the canna grow, and work on the units in my Western European legal history study guide at every opportunity.

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The Learning Curve

Phone and booksIt’s the long Memorial Day weekend here in America, and the official beginning of summer, according to local custom. Many of my friends and neighbors are enjoying mini-breaks and holidays but Jaeger and I are taking a different approach.  Since my new little dog has spent more than half of his young life in an animal shelter he is happier right now with structure and a plan to control the variables. We decided to stay at home and use the time to catch up on some long neglected tasks, organize some runaway household projects, study, relax, and contemplate.

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Managing Challenges: What I Learned From My New Dog

This week I have been thinking about the importance of challenging myself. You might think that enrolling in a postgraduate laws programme is a sufficient challenge, but it really runs deeper than that, especially in self-directed study in a discipline that is rather new, at least for me.  Challenge can represent different perspectives. Goal setting and obstacles can both be viewed as challenges. Over the last few weeks, we have had some changes in our family, which really started me thinking about challenges and how we manage them.

Jelly Bean on a happy day

Jelly Bean on a happy day

First, I must share some sad news with all of the wonderful friends of Jelly Bean who so warmly embraced my canine study buddy.  In March our sweet Jelly Bean died after a brief but severe illness.  A very good friend who manages an animal shelter happened to be visiting on that gloomy day. She told me about a young dog who had been at her shelter for over a year. His story is much like Jelly Bean’s in that respect.

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A Different Perspective

1272750693_9f5dd9759d_zHere in the USA we are celebrating the centennial year of the National Park ServicePresident Theodore Roosevelt along with leaders like John Muir, Charles Young, and Stephen Mather worked to establish the park system. Quite fortunately, though coincidentally, I just returned from a business trip to Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is an absolutely extraordinary place, inhabited for over 11,000 years by Native Americans and first protected in 1872 as a national park by President Ulysses S. Grant.  It is a fabulous place to see wildlife and is home to some of North America’s iconic species like Bison, Elk, Wolf and Grizzly Bears.  The change of scenery offered a welcome diversion, even if it was for business rather than pleasure. It reminded me how much a small change can provide a very different perspective.

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Postgraduate Laws Exams and the VLE

study essentialsIt has been a little hectic these last few weeks working to balance home, professional, and study responsibilities.  One of the most helpful things about self-directed study, especially at the postgraduate level, is the ability to manage my schedule and focus on shifting priorities. As we enter exam time, study and revision will become time management concerns. Now, as I settle in to law studies on this cold and rainy day, all of my essentials are beside me – my favourite notebooks and computer, the indispensable phone, a steaming espresso, and my sweet little dog.  Although I will not be sitting exams this time, it is a great time to learn from other students and become familiar with study resources.

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Study tips and exam preparation!

Philip Koonj BeharryMy fellow study mates!

Exams are soon upon us and so I have decided to take a break and tell you about my study pattern which worked for me during my LLB and seems to be working for me now as I read for my LLM. Hopefully it can assist you as well, especially those new to the University of London International Programmes (UoLIP).

By way of introduction, I am Philip Koonj Beharry, graduate of the UoLIP LLB programme, Class of 2012. I am currently an Attorney at Law in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago and I am also currently preparing for my first set of LLM exams with the UoLIP. My personal story can be found in this article on London Connection.

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Final month tips

Well, there is less than a month to our exams. hourglass-silhouetteI just received my admission notice recently. I am sure everyone is filled with jitters. Personally, I am filled with jitters. Especially so when I realise that with each passing day, my exams are one day closer. It’s quite scary to know that your exams are so close and you still feel rather unprepared.

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Getting involved in reviewing University of London MOOCs

Written by Tobias Tretter, Chair of the Student Voice Group (more detailed bio below)

Tretter photoshoppedWhat is a MOOC?

MOOC – the ordinary reader will ask himself what this abbreviation means and stands for. It was not any different for me then, when I heard these four letters for the first time, but I became acquainted with this new thing really quickly. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. This says a bit more, but not everything. MOOCs are free online courses that are available to the public. The University of London (UOL) has started offering some on a platform called Coursera alongside other leading Universities from other countries, for example the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The University of London has already launched 23 MOOCs which have attracted more than one million participants worldwide. I recently had the opportunity to get involved in the review process for University of London MOOCs. Continue reading

How I chose to study in the PG Laws Programme

Since I have completed my first two weeks as a PG Laws student, I have had a chance to see how my reasons for enrolling match the reality of study. I have four principle reasons for enrolling. One is the quite common goal of pursuing a new career path. The other three might be unique and personal. I am studying law to improve my verbal skills, develop special knowledge of European history, and to reduce
When my study materials arrived, it gave me a chance to dive into my course in Western European Legal History. The study skills materials that the university sends to new students are comprehensive and very helpful. My packet included the three books of essential reading for Foundations: Roman and canon law 500 -1100, the course study guide and the PG Laws handbook.

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